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We are currently looking to expand our HOWCH Board with appropriately skilled individuals

who understand and support our founding ethos and vision, to assist in ensuring that the organisation

is viable, properly governed, properly managed and providing value for money within a framework

of equality and diversity.

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Kate Moran

I’m excited to be part of the team growing this innovative cohousing project, which will enhance the lives of the older women living there. I have become aware of how little provision is made for single women as they age and wish to co-create a vibrant alternative-living situation. I have worked in both Youth & Community and Care areas, and have run a business. Now it’s time to learn new skills as we progress through the planning stages in order to ensure we retain the central cohousing ethos, which puts shared facilities and cooperation at the heart of the community. 

To build and live in a sustainable method is essential in these overheated times, and HOWCH can provide a template for other cohousing communities – kinder to us and the planet. 

 We’ll be recording our journey via blog and video...


Carol Prior

My association with Hastings started over 20 years ago when I set up Shore Sounds, the town’s first community choir, and has now become my adopted home. Prior to this I lived in Brighton (having moved there from London in the mid 90s) where, amongst other jobs, I worked as a Community Development Worker for a housing organisation, the William Sutton Trust.  I was a member of a housing co-op in London for 10 years, and I’m passionate about creating alternative housing solutions for older people, especially women, to share resources, mutual support and grow old disgracefully!


Ruth Gregory

I moved to St Leonards-on-Sea from East London 10 years ago, at the age of 60, and I have found it so vibrant a place I have hardly stood still! I have always been passionate about community build/living projects and zero carbon housing as a model to combat the isolation and loneliness that many marginalised groups, such as older women, experience. 

I am a published word/image artist and I believe this project offers the chance for all of us to learn skills, grow our confidence in all kinds of unexpected ways. and have fun doing it! I am currently part of local outreach projects to raise awareness of the climate crisis, and I am co-curating an exhibition about Rock Against Racism (1976-82) at the De La Warr Pavilion.


Caroline Develyn

I'm involved with HOWCH because I think it's a great idea – older single women can live more happily in a mutually supportive community. 

We must make the most of our lives and not just put up with the way things are. Loneliness and isolation negatively affect mental and physical health and this is a great solution. 

Lower bills, eco-friendly and somewhere to live for as long as feels good among like-minded friends – sounds good to me!


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